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Sales by Lottie is pleased to offer another sale this week!

Located near Kirk of the Hills Church at 61st & Richmond (close to Yale) this estate is filled with a great assortment of things………

Highlights include but are not limited to: A HUGE Roseville Pottery Collection, some Hummels, Player Piano with lots of Music Rolls, a Gorgeous Waterford Crystal Chandelier, Poodle Collection, Madame Alexander Dolls, Grandmother Clock, Clothing (some vintage), Office Items, Kitchen, and a FULL GARAGE!

Without a doubt, we have left something out. We suggest looking at our photos for the FULL idea of what to expect. We currently have a few photos available.......Please check back!

Sale dates are:

Wednesday           12th            9am – 5pm

Thursday                13th           9am – 5pm

Friday                     14th             9am – 5pm

This week's address is:

6413 South Sandusky Ave------ That’s near Kirk of the Hills at 61st & Richmond. SUPER EASY to find!!! We will have signs posted at 61st & Richmond, 61st & Yale, and 66th & Richmond.

As always, THANKS for helping our company become successful! We honestly couldn’t do it without YOU!!

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